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              119th Canton Fair


              On April 15th ,the 119th Canton Fair was held as scheduled. Zhejiang Taizhou Wangye Power Co., LTD. presented 10 scooters and one E-bike. The products include Classic models, Sports models and PALADIN models.

              Our booth also on the side of main channel, For better showing the vehicles, the design company made the booth simple and shinning, On front corner, we have 2 display stand for showing our star models EIVISSA I and EIVISSA II. These 2 classic models attracted many traders and importers from all over the word. For new painting technology(Double-curing painting method) with the shinning lights, the products look very nice.

              For the effect devaluation(except USA) and European new standard, many importers take a wait-and-see attitude for the market, Meanwhile, we also find some emerging markets, such as Argentina and some other European countries. During the period of bad market, we should follow the requirements of the emerging market and keep the eyes on them for finding the increasing point.

              During 5 days’ showing, our company gave good performance for the products to the customers. We have every confidence for the better future of our company, and our company will give our best support to customers. For the future Wangye will pay more attention to the requirements for the market and give competitive, popular models to the customers.

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